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FAQ's & Lessons

When is it a good time to start lessons?

Little Ones

Seven is typically a good age to start lessons. However, this isn't a fast rule for everyone. If young students are excited about music and are actively engaged in it on a daily basis I would highly encourage getting involved in music. Group classes may be more appropriate for those under seven. The younger the student the more parent oversight is necessary during the music learning process.


There is no such thing as being “too late” to start! From wanting to learn how to play and sing to reading sheet music, students at all ages can work towards their musical goals. One of the biggest struggles can be practicing. However, if you are ready to set realistic goals for yourself and commit to daily practice you are ready to start!

How do payments work? 

Lesson payments are due by the 1st prior to the month of lessons. For example, July's lessons are due by July 1st and August's lessons are due by August 1st. Lessons are charged monthly according to the number of weeks in a semester. If there are 15 weeks in a semester over the course of 4 months, the payments are divided accordingly. Late payments are charged a $30 late fee. Invoices are sent through Intuit and can be paid by card, check, or cash.

How much should I practice?

Practicing brings you the freedom to play what you want to play. With diligence and consistency it enables growth and satisfaction. Learning music is not earned with instant gratification, but rather through a process. With that said, my students are expected to practice five days a week. This keeps students from developing random practice habits and secures consistent growth in their musicianship. Time devoted per day is dependent on the age and level of the student.


Some students need more time than others, but all students need focus behind their practice times. Beginners need 10-20 minutes per day with parent supervision, intermediate need 30-45 minutes per day and advanced need at least 60 minutes per day. For more information, read my post on how to practice.